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10261983_677359195643623_6011663530461376368_nHi, my name is Tori and i have grown up since the tender age of 19 working at inkfish Hair and Beauty Salon. Now 10 years later, i have worked my way up the ranks to become a Artistic Director 🙂
When i was 22 years old i made the big decision to travel away from home and work aboard a cruise liner for 2 years as a hairdresser. This is when i discovered that i 100% LOVE travelling!
I have travelled all the way to South America, Antarica, Europe and Asia. I have really enjoyed sampling all the exotic dishes and experiencing the different cultures, especially in Asia where it is just paradise!
Since i arrived back at home i have been a EXTREMELY lucky girl. I put my application forward to be part of the Tigi Inspirational Youth Programme, where i was among the very few to be chosen to take part out of the hundrends of thousand applicants who applied. This was a exceptionally, amazing creative programme that ended with me cutting my model’s hair on stage in front of hundreds of people. It was the scariest moment of my life but also the most incredible.
As part of my job i participate in alot of photo shoots. I take my inspirations from Vintage, grunge, mens fashion and classic looks. So keep a look out for our work at inkfish here on our website.
Food is another massive part of my life. Not only do i take great pleasure in eating and trying new foods , i also love cooking and baking too. So you will always catch me talking about all the latest experiments going on in my kitchen at home 🙂 The last things i tried my hand at were some delicious chutneys and sloe gin from scatch over the xmas period.
That’s all from me for now.
See you soon
x x x

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