Dumb Blonde Toning Spray Review By Roland Bray


That’s so Roland!

Here is my product review for the Dumb Blonde Toning Protection Spray
“Everyone knows that I am a serial bleaching addict and as a blonde I definitely have more fun! What isn’t fun however is waking up to find that my blonde isn’t as white as I want it to be! Unwanted brassiness is the bane of my life, but, thank the hair gods, there is now a heat protection toning spray that I can now use alongside my silver shampoo to help keep my hair bright and white.
TIGIs Dumb Blonde range is ever expanding and they have just released two new products into the range! There is a new toning shampoo which contains purple toners to reduce horrid yellow tones whilst its built in conditioners and cleansers leave the hair feeling clean, and frizz free.
But, the product I am really excited about is the Toning Protection Spray! The product uses Protein Booster Technology to help repair damaged hair whilst the purple toners help fight off brassy tones. Also it works as a leave in conditioner, detangling, smoothing and adding shine to your tresses!
First things first, like all TIGI products is the smell! It is amazing! Like a sweet apple based fruit cocktail. And, even better the smell lasts long after you’ve perfected your style. Also it really is purple (don’t worry there’ll be no granny rinse here) and it really helps tone your hair! After one use I definitely noticed a difference in the colour, it wasn’t perfect but after one use I wasn’t expecting dramatic results. I know with continued use though that the colour will gradually get more and more toned.
I made a silly mistake of using too much the first time I tried it it which left my hair feeling a bit crisp, so I wouldn’t use too much. As they say, a little goes a log way! But, I am really happy with this product and would definitely recommend this to serial blonde addicts.
Being sold at £14.95 it is definitely worth it as an add on to your cut and colour!
Roland x

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