Nail Enhancements

At inkfish we use a variety of products tailored to your nails.  Entity acrylic & gel – a hard wearing choice used for extensions or as an overlay.  Bio Sculpture gel – a more flexible yet durable option as an overlay on top of your own nail and The Gel Bottle polishes – Vegan and cruelty free, as a semi permanent alternative to a traditional polish.  To keep your nails looking their best maintenance is recommended every 2-3 weeks.


Option 1 session
Extensions £50.00
Removal & New Extensions £60.00
French Overlay £50.00
Removal & New French Overlay £55.00
Colour Overlay £40.00
Removal & New Colour Overlay £45.00
Removal & Nail Tidy £25.00
Gel bottle manicure £30.00
Gel bottle removal and new manicure £35.00
Gel bottle removal and nail tidy £13.00