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Inkfish have been successfully giving our clients the very best in hair care, cutting & colouring for over 20 years.

Let Inkfish be your new best friend and banish bad hair days forever. Not only gorgeous looking hair while in the salon but keeping that same look at home with our great after care advice.


Price List

From 21st June 2023 we will be implementing a slight price increase on all services.  This is due to the increase in demand for bespoke colouring and the time, skill and quantity of products required alongside the inflation of other costs within our business sector.

We are currently in the process of updating and refreshing our website and price list.  If you require any help or further information please contact our reception teams who will be happy to help.

Inkfish have been successfully giving our clients the very best in hair care, cutting & colouring for over 20 years.

For all of you wishing to book for a designer colour or colour transformation including balayage, ombre, babylights, colour melts, root shadows, bleach and pastel tones, give us a call and we will be very happy to help you with free consultations, patch tests and advice on price structures, upkeep and how to maintain that custom look!

Colour prices do not include a cut or blow dry.  You must be 16 or over to have a colour service with us.  Industry guidelines recommend salons do not provide colour services to clients under the age of 16 as there is an increased risk of developing an allergy.

Our Price Structure reflects the educational level of our stylists, which is determined by training & practical experience.  Please note prices may vary slightly between salons.  Please call or email if you require further information.

Patch testing

All new clients requiring a colour service and revisiting clients who have not had a colour with us within 6 months will require a patch test at least 24-48 hours prior to their appointment.  Please contact us and we will be happy to arrange this for you.  Failure to have a patch test prior to your appointment may result in us having to cancel or reschedule your booking.

Book an appointment by calling us on

01872 222468  Inkfish

01872 277044  Inkfish 2

01326 311217  Inkfish Falmouth

or you can book online.

Ladies Styling

Option Stylist Senior Stylist Art Director Manager
Cut & Finish from £46.00 £49.00 £54.00 £56.00
Restyle from £49.00 £54.00 £57.00 £59.00
Blow Dry from £30.00 £31.00 £33.00 £36.00

Mens Styling

Option Stylist Senior Stylist Art Director Manager
Shampoo & Cut from £26.00 £28.00 £31.00 £34.00


Option Stylist Senior Stylist Art Director Manager
Cut & Finish from £41.00 £42.00 £43.00 £44.00


Option,Stylist,Senior Stylist,Art Director,Manager
Full Head Foils from,£78.00,£81.00,£86.00,£88.00
Half Head Foils from,£64.00,£66.50,£72.00,£75.00
T-Section Foils from,£56.00,£58.00,£64.00,£67.00
Permanent Full Head Tint from,£52.00,£54.00,£55.00,£57.00
Regrowth Tint from,£37.00,£39.00,£43.00,£43.00
Semi-permanent Gloss Colour from,£32.00,£34.00,£35.00,£36.00
Designer Colour and Toner from,£118.00,£121.00,£127.00,£129.00
Regrowth Bleach and Toner (includes Olaplex) from,£105.50,£109.00,£115.50,£119.00
Toners from,£31.00,£31.00,£32.00,£32.00
Colour Correction/Transformation,,,On Consultation,
Perms,,,On Consultation,


A patch test is required 24-48 hours before your colour service.


Technical Information

Full Head Foils – All over high/ low lighted effect, to be as natural or as striking as you desire

Half Head Foils – Foils placed throughout the top half of your hair.

T-Section Foils – Foils are placed through your parting and down each side of your head, this popular technique is often used to blend regrowth of previous highlights, or add subtle tones to your hair.

Designer Colour – Imaginative techniques to customise colour to your taste.  This service can include balayage techniques, contouring, face framing, root smudge, glossing and toners.  Clients must have their hair dried before leaving so please book either a blow dry or express dry which is not included in the cost.

Colour Transformation – To achieve that high fashion/trend led look.  This service can include advanced colour techniques, full head bleach application, creative toners and will include olaplex and a blow dry.

Colour Correction – Our highly experienced team will use their colour knowledge to help solve any colour problems.

Full Head Tint – With this popular technique colour is applied all over your hair.  Can help to cover grey hair and provide tone, shine and depth.

Regrowth – Refreshes previous colour by touching up the roots, whilst covering grey.

Semi Permanent – A unique colour lasting formula without using ammonia will leave your colour looking healthy and shiny for up to 25 shampoos.