Kathryn’s Blog

My name is Kathryn….Kat to all my friends. I have worked at inkfish for nearly 19 years. I still remember my interview at the tender age of 18, and how nervous i was! But Lana and Vidette must have seen my potential and how keen i was to learn as they offered me the postion of Junior Stylist. I have now worked my way up to Artistic Director.
I have a very caring manner and i get a huge buzz from making my clients look amazing. I’m very much a perfectionist at heart…in everything i do! From my career, to my makeup, and even within my home. ( i am also known as a bit of a cleaning addict. I once worked my way through three hoovers in twelve months!)
I adore checking out the latest fashion trends but i think my biggest passion has to be jewellery – i’m literally like a magpie! I LOVE accessorizing my outfits and the way you can completely change a whole look simply by adding different accessories….nothing is too blingy for me!
I have a Daughter, her name is Aimee and she is just like a mini me. I can see her becoming a apprentice at inkfish herself in years to come!
I am also very excited to announce that i am getting married in September. So i am busy organising my Wedding and i have already chosen the dress of my dreams! Next step will be sampling all the yummy cakes!
That’s all from me for now. Speak soon.
Kat 🙂

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