National Apprentice Week

To mark the recognition of local businesses working together with the young generation by training, nurturing and guiding them through their chosen trade, Pirate FM joined iNkfish in the Salon to celebrate National Apprentice Week by becoming ‘a junior assistant’ for the day.
After a much anticipated arrival, the crew arrived mid morning at iNkfish Hair and Beauty Design. They drew a few curious looks from our clients who were obviously wondering what all the equipment was for….’Smile you’re on camera!’
The team quickly got to work setting up all their equipment and introductions were made. Then it was straight into work mode with ‘Shampoo Training’
The assistants jumped into action and took charge with a brief demonstration, then it was up to Neil from Pirate FM to show us what he’s made of as he took to the basin to shampoo Jade’s hair.
The task proved harder than anticipated, especially perfecting our relaxing treatment head massage. But Neil did very well, Jade managed to escape with just a slight soaking, but there were many laughs along the way.
All in all, it was a really fun day for everyone involved but more importantly, it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the invaluable experience gained by in house training.
Vidette and Lana have been employing apprentices at iNkfish and iNkfish 2 for over 27 years.
The Junior assistants work alongside the stylists, assisting with everyday tasks, while experiencing working life within the salon on a day to day basis, watching and learning as they go.
The iNkfish dedicated training programme and strong work ethics provide our apprentices with the best possible start to their career, where our top stylists are designated to train and inspire our assistants to the highest standard, all the while also helping to develop their creativity and new found skills.
If you think you have got what it takes to be part of our team, please attach your cv and covering letter to

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