Lisa’s Blog

Hey my name is Lisa
I have been working at iNkfish for five years now.
I started as a junior apprentice all those years ago and have recently just been promoted to a Senior Stylist, which i am absolutely thrilled about!
A question i get asked quite frequently is – “what made you go into hairdressing?”
I love answering this question. – Basically, i love meeting new people every day and finding out all about them and their interests/hobbies. Especially when it is about holidays! I am a big sun lover and i try and take a couple of holidays a year abroad. Which means i am always on the look out for new ideas of where to go and what to do while i am away.
The main reason i love my job is my passion for making people look and feel good about themselves. I take great pleasure in giving them that new look! Whether it be cutting a new style, colouring or styling the hair.
I have become incredibly interested in plaits and braids lately. I absolutely love them! There are so many different types to learn and i find it so rewarding when i can figure them out by myself. I am hoping to do a tutorial soon, showing everyone how to do the plaits at home themselves. This is something i am very excited about as i really enjoy pushing myself and trying out new things. I will keep you all updated on the tutorial and my progress as a Senior Stylist in the salon.
Bye for now
Lisa Xx

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